viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Good Friday again!

No school today! no literature class! yeah! I'm so really really happy!

And well, I'm so happy for other things like today I finished my drawing for Ed but I feel what the draw is deformed so that makes me anxiously... the idea from my draw was something that made remember my style and my love for the naked body and my hate for the faces so the finally work was a really interesting semi naked girl. I'm totally sure that Ed will love my work.

The last days I read the Daul Kim's blog and her was so like me... her blog make me feel empty so so empty I never read her blog before, but something in my mind make me read that blog then of years of knowing his work.

I really hope that tomorrow will be a good day as great as the wednesday morning. Yes, I'm so excited for tomorrow because I will do new things and learn a new technique.

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