lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Un lunes de miedos como en aquellos primeros años

I feel so so bad i mean this feel is so fucking bad... i cried a lot a moment ago, i've been cried all the weekend and all this fucking morning, i hate this so much... i really want to leave this shit, i need to take more pills, more of my blessed geodon... i watched skins all the last week and it's so sad i feeling worst when i watched that.
My boyfriend is the best person in the whole world, he loves me and take care about me even when i'm sick, angry and/or desperate with myself or the world. He said that wants feel my pain instead of my and that's make me cry because anybody says that before, not like he did, not honestly like him. I love him with all my soul like i never loved anybody else. Well, i should grateful for him and his love and not being sad for my sick mind.

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